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Be WEBIAL affiliates and start earning aiming to Self Employment (SE). Join WEBIAL’s programme for Self Employment could become your additional source of income.

Join our movement with objective that all business should have Digital Presence. You may also contribute by spending your free time. The unique feature of this programme is that it doesn’t require any investment from your side even no limitation of work space and time constraints.

For all of these you don’t require IT knowledge.

Learn in only ONE day. To book your date Whatsapp today on 701 620 6617

webial tech pvt. ltd.

Boost your career with WEBIAL’s Career Booster (CB) Programme. The world has become extremely competitive and to get an edge over your peers. In the current scenario, soft skills hold the same importance as technical skills. It is not enough to be just good at what you do; it is also important to be able to communicate effectively what you know to your clients or employers. It is essential to be able to work with people across the globe and a team consisting of a diverse group of people. here are some of the essential soft skills you must develop before you head to the corporate world.

Eye contact: Proper eye contact projects confidence, whether you are talking to a customer or your manager.

Empathy: This skill can go a long way in showcasing your potential as someone who works efficiently, but also understands human emotions and behavior.

Handwriting: Never underestimate the importance of a handwritten thank you note to a co-worker or your boss. handwriting says a lot about a person.

Communication skills: Your communication skills are necessary for making a good first impression. The way you talk and interact will set the tone for how people will look at you in your workplace.

Adaptability: If you are quick on your feet and can think of the solutions immediately, your place in the organization will be valued immensely. However, you must push yourself to be more adaptable in the workplace.

Conflict resolution: Conflict resolution is not just about solving the problem. It is about de-escalating the situation while making sure both the parties involved are satisfied with the solution.

Leadership skills: Leadership skills can’t be learnt overnight. Right from the school to the college to the workforce, you have a chance to show your skills as a good leader.

Teamwork: For any good employer, making sure the employees work together harmoniously is essential for the success of the company.

These soft skills can mean the difference between leaving an internship empty-handed or with a full-time job offer. Start honing these skills right now so that when you enter the corporate world, you are well prepared and ahead of the game.

Learn more Whatsapp today on 701 620 6617.

webial tech pvt. ltd.

Using Social Media as your source of income is also possible by Social Media Optimisaztion Programme (SMO) at WEBIAL. It is 15 days programme at WEBIAL that will make you earn good amount from Social Media.

The primary purpose of Social Media is to build Social connections but that does not mean that you cannot use it to earn money. You can easily earn money from Twitter & Facebook. In fact, the social media ads like Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads or LinkedIn Ads are meant for leads/sales generation only. So it makes sense to not spam your users with promotional offers.

Mixing informational posts along with promotional posts is the right way to build audience and business together on social media.

Here are ways to earn money through social media:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Your Own Products
  • Using YouTube
  • Freelance SMM Services



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