Branding elevates the association that the customers have with a company or a product. An offering from a known source, is what satisfies the consumer who relates a brand with the value triad of quality, service and price. Brands have a special attraction among the customers. They believe in the brands that have provided them with the best services repeatedly. The brand elements add on to the psychological thought process, that aids in building a customer journey in the long run that leads to loyalty.

The technological developments of recent times, has brought in the digital space to every aspect of customer relationship. With more interactions happening on a one to one basis with the individual customer, the branding has taken a new dimension of customising according to the needs of the individuals. The brands that occupy the top of the mind of the customers are those that have had an impact on their lives. The digital marketing re-emphasizes the thoughts through customised ads and makes the customer accustomed to it.

The customer interaction has evolved on a personal level, the heads of the organisations of the top companies are an analogy to this. We have seen the social media interactions of the organisational leaders with the customers. The CEO’s have themselves become a brand for the customers. Elon Musk of Tesla is an outstanding example to it. He is the brand, as people are reminded of him whenever a promotion is being made in the electric vehicle space.

Small and medium businesses, are investing in promotions to stay competitive in their sectors. Personal branding is of utmost importance to them. They have a connection with their target segment that is unique to them. The digital technology helps in enhancing personal branding of the businesses. The CEO’s of such companies play an important role in developing this connect.

Smartphones have occupied the markets of the masses. It acts more than a tool of communication. Interactions at a personal level have been made possible. The internet is revolutionizing the way branding happens. Digital marketing is at its peak, as it enables a customised feed to the customers and also encourages customer engagement. Through digital marketing brand building is easier, as it has personalised messages for the customers.

Influencer marketing has been making news over the couple of years. The platforms like Instagram, TikTok etc. have been made potential marketing channels by the newer businesses. A known face in actual increases the trust from a buyer’s perspective. When the person promoting the product is the stakeholder, the trust multiplies. A personal bond is created between the customer and the influencer. The customers tend to relate themselves more easily with the influencer. Some of the big brands have used these influencers in social media campaigns, this has helped them reach more customers than through traditional media.

Bigger brands are utilising the influencers to promote their products and have seen success. These instagram/ tiktok stars have a wider reach of audience. The customers see them as one among them. Celebrity branding is not a buzz of recent days. Every business, big or small is promoting themselves with their own people. It is cost effective, as you become the face of your brand.

You have to take the lead in promoting yourself. The brand image is built over a long time. The face of the brand is important for the brand to sustain in the future. The technological progress makes it possible for every individual to brand themselves. The social media sites help in promotions at a faster pace. You have to continuosly keep developing a bond with your customers through regular interactions. Customer engagement is a must for a brand to have a strong image in the minds of the customers. More than the product, customers relate to the person as the transactions in a business happen between humans. As a small business owner, you have to make sure that you use every possible platform to build brand name among the customer. As already discussed, technology makes it simpler to promote one’s self as a brand.

Going live is the next gen branding, technology helps in achieving this. A lot of smaller businesses can make use of this platform and build a brand that can sustain the competition. In the olden days, brands took years to associate with the customers. Digital platforms reduce the time and increase the reach of the brands.

Be there, become the brand, lead your company to success.


Dr. Maulik Pandya

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